Rodrigo Constanzo, Mauricio Pauly, Alex Tod

“A Greater Horror”

Rodrigo Constanzo (keys and electronics), Mauricio Pauly (electric bass and electronics), and Alex Tod(drums and electronics)

A Greater Horror is mostly loud but then it is delicate – it is as solid as it is vertiginous. The trio focuses on the performance of original music which oscillates between detailed through-written scores and free improvisation. Constanzo’s rhythmic puzzles and textural approach stem from his Cuban-American origins and his vast experience as a multi-instrumentalist free improviser and experimental luthier. Pauly’s harmo-dynamic, hyperarticulated songs result from merging his experience as a chamber music composer active across Europe and the US, with his work as a songwriter and performer of art-pop music in his native Costa Rica. Tod, the young Leeds virtuoso, brings as much order to the blend as he creates space for the unpredictable to spill in. The overall sound is that of a post-jazz piano trio incorporating elements of free-jazz, math-rock, contemporary classical, and experimental electronics into something altogether different and altogether exciting.

The CD comes in a full color card wallet with all artwork done by Angela Guyton.

Duration: 19 minutes over 4 tracks
Released: 2012 independently
Available for £4

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